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Top Tips

  1. Put clothes in a bag rather than a suitcase, then have another bag to put your dirties in.
  2. Put food in Gusto boxes which fit on driver/passenger seats, or at the back of the truck when travelling.
  3. Use an electric cool box as an addition to the fridge. That sits nicely between the two drivers seats.
  4. Don’t let the kids pack themselves – non of the clothes they packed fit my kids 🙄
  5. Bring a travel BBQ that sits off the ground. Most campsites allow these but not the aluminium ones.
  6. Take a camping table.
  7. Take a mini handheld vac to keep on top of mess.
  8. Take lots of ice packs – ones to use in the cool box, and others to refreeze in ice box.
  9. Take all items out their boxes (cereals, tea bags, etc).
  10. Put the cushions as follows for the bed at the back – big, big, small, small (big for head, small for feet).
  11. Lots of small bin bags for the different bins.
  12. Don’t carry too much clean water as it drains fuel unless not going to a campsite (i.e. wild camping).
  13. Find a different sat nav for phone that is HGV/campervan/caravan friendly as Waze and Google don’t allow for filtering poor roads or low bridges!!
  14. Bring microwave popcorn, the microwave is amazing (but can only be used on mains power).
  15. Bring a blow-up Kayak or paddle board, we could have used them at 2 out of 3 campsites.