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Terms and Conditions

‘We’ ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ means us – T&O Harrison, T/A North West Motorhome Hire, Water Lane Farm, Water Lane, Tarbock, L35 1RD

‘You’ or ‘Your’ means you – the person who signs the rental agreement as the lead Insured Driver/Hirer.

‘Rental Period’ or ‘Your Holiday’ means the hire period agreed on the rental agreement.

‘Vehicle’ means our Motorhome Reg. No ……………………….., and includes tyres, tools, accessories and living equipment.

1. Deposit: Every booking requires a non-refundable £250 deposit; once that’s done then your booking is confirmed and the remaining balance is due 6 weeks prior to departure. We will have to cancel your booking if the balance payment is not received in time and your deposit is forfeit. Payment is by bank transfer or Debit/Credit Card only please.

2. Cancellations: If you have to cancel your holiday once you have made the balance payment, we will do our best to re-hire the vehicle and refund the balance payment.

If we can’t rehire the motorhome in time, we reserve the right to keep 50% of the total hire charge if you cancel between 4-6 weeks of collection. Or 100% of the total hire charge if you cancel within 4 weeks of collection.

In the event of cancellation by North West Motorhome Hire:
North West Motorhome Hire will offer an alternative vehicle if a vehicle reserved is not available due to accident, breakdown or other circumstances beyond our control. In the event that we are unable to supply a suitable vehicle, our liability is strictly limited to a full refund of all monies paid by you. We accept no liability for the cost of a replacement vehicle, travel expenses or any other subsequent loss. (Circumstances that we deem to be out of our control include – but are not limited to – vehicle breakdown, damage sustained to the vehicle and late returns by a previous hirer). We recommend that you also have current travel insurance.

Adverse Weather:
In the event of RED weather warnings, snow or particularly hazardous driving conditions forecast 3 days either side of collection day, we reserve the right to cancel the hire. Hirers may then commute the hire to another date up to a maximum of 30 days from the original date, and are advised to have travel insurance in place should they instead wish to claim for hire fees paid.

North West Motorhome Hire reserve the right from time to time to vary the hire rates on the website, terms and conditions of hire, and to refuse to hire to any person at the Company’s discretion. We reserve the right to cancel the Hire in the event of invalid driving licences, incorrect information supplied on booking forms, customer ID requested not supplied or correct on collection day, or if our Terms and Conditions are not met. The cost of the Hire will not be refunded in this instance.

3. Europe: There is no additional charge for European travel and our insurance (including roadside assistance) covers you for all European Union countries. Please don’t travel outside of the EU, you won’t be insured. For European travel, a 1500 mileage allowance is given per week, if you wish to exceed this you must purchase one of our mileage bundles.

4. Mileage: Unlimited UK mileage. When travelling to the EU a 1500 mileage allowance is given per week, additional mileage can be purchased with one of our mileage bundles.

5. Collection & Return: Our address is: Water Lane Farm, Water Lane, Tarbock, L35 1RD.

Collection: Please allow up to 90 minutes for the hand-over and to confirm your previously supplied ID and demonstrate our vehicle to you. Both driver(s) must be present at collection and don’t forget your driving licences/passports; originals of ID and a Debit/Credit card for the security deposit. You will receive our vehicle in good working order; clean; full tank of diesel, full gas bottle.

Return: Please return our vehicle on time and allow 30 minutes for the hand-back. We want you to have enjoyed a wonderful holiday in our vehicle and we ask that you look after it as if it was your 0own. Please return it undamaged; with a full tank of diesel; gas bottle, empty waste/grey water tank; flushed toilet cassette and the interior clean and tidy. We would prefer not to have to charge you additional fees for cleaning; upholstery valeting or emptying the toilet cassette and if we have to do any of those an additional fee of £75 will apply. Please also ensure you return our vehicle with a full tank of diesel; any shortfall will be charged at £2.00 per litre of fuel and will be deducted from your security deposit. A charge of £75.00 in the event that the Tracker device fitted to the vehicle indicates that the vehicle has exceeded a sustained speed of 80mph. (This is to attempt to ensure hirer and passenger safety, as camper vans and motorhomes are unstable over these speeds).

Late return: If you are going to be late, tell us straight away. We reserve the right to charge a £100 per hour late return fee which may be used to compensate other holidaymakers who are made to wait for our vehicle. This fee will also include the additional administration in the extension of your insurance.

6. Vehicle Equipment: We will make sure everything on our vehicle is operating correctly when you collect it and ensure you understand how it all works as part of our collection tour. If anything on board fails during your holiday please call us straight away. We will try our best to get it up and
running again but this may not always be possible.

7. Security Deposit: There is a refundable £1,500.00 security deposit payable for UK hires and £2,000.00 security deposit for European hires, paid by Debit/Credit card prior to departure. This is held in case of costs arising from accident; damage; parking/penalty notices or failure to abide by these terms & conditions. When collecting the vehicle, you must have photo ID for example Passport and 2 recent proofs of home address for the main driver within the last three months (e.g. Utility bills or Bank/Credit card statements are acceptable). Your UK driver’s licence and a DVLA check code for each person who is to drive the vehicle. Drivers from overseas must present their driver’s licence and a passport. We cannot release the vehicle without these items being present at the time of collection and hire fees may be forfeit. On taking delivery of our vehicle, you authorise us to deduct any amounts due to us. This security deposit balance will be refunded back to your Debit/Credit card within 10 working days of our vehicle being returned as long as there are no outstanding insurance claims. It will not be refunded on return of our vehicle. We reserve the right to take any action to recover from your Credit/Debit card issuer all amounts due by you.

8. Use of our Vehicle: We ask that you treat our vehicle as your own and ensure it is driven in a cautious and prudent manner. Only the agreed drivers may operate it and it may not be driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Make sure the ignition key is never left on board while our vehicle is unoccupied as it invalidates your insurance and take care to leave any valuables hidden.
    Only carry the agreed number of passengers and ensure they wear the seatbelts supplied. Children should use the appropriate child seats (we don’t supply these).
  • Please ensure that our vehicle is only driven on sealed/bitumen roads, or in the case of an organised festival/event, only in the areas indicated by the organisers. Take care not to get stuck in soft ground.
  • There are traction mats on board to assist you should this happen and towing points on the vehicle. Please note that you will be responsible for any towing/recovery charges should our vehicle become stuck.
  • Take all reasonable steps to properly maintain our vehicle, including checking oil and coolant levels, tyre pressures and batteries. In the event of mechanical breakdown involving the drive train, clutch or engine, tell us immediately. No action or repair should be undertaken without our express permission.
  • You are responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing tyres damaged during the rental period.
  • Our vehicle runs on DIESEL. If you accidentally use the wrong fuel at the petrol station DO NOT start the engine as this will cause serious damage. Call us immediately. You will be responsible for any associated charges to clean the wrong fuel out.
  • All drivers must be aware of the unusually high nature of these vehicles when driving under low bridges, canopies, car parks etc. The headroom clearance is usually stated within the driver’s field of vision. Drivers are also not permitted to take vehicles through road flood water under any circumstances. Damage to the vehicle caused through road flood water or collision with an overhead object (any damage above a height of 6’) is classed as negligence
9. Hire Fees Please note we reserve the right to amend our fees at anytime.

10. Smoking: Our vehicle is strictly non-smoking and we reserve the right to charge the additional valeting and/or also an additional £150.00 charge in the event that the vehicle smells of tobacco smoke.

11. Title to our Vehicle: The vehicle remains ours and we retain title to it throughout your holiday. You have no rights to sell; lend; hire or sub-let to anyone else. If we have reason to believe you are not using our vehicle within the terms & conditions stated we reserve the right to terminate our agreement and reclaim our vehicle with no refund due to you.

12. Pets: Up to 2 dogs are allowed at no extra charge. We know pets don’t always do what they are told, but please try to keep them off beds, bedding and seats. We reserve the right to charge additional valeting fees if we feel your dogs have unduly soiled or damaged the interior.

13. Drivers: Any driver must be able to demonstrate that they have driven on a regular basis and feel confident to drive a vehicle of the dimensions of ours. Please supply details of all driving licence(s) at the time of booking which will enable us to ensure that they comply with our requirements and save a last-minute disappointment. If we find you don’t meet our driver requirements, we will not be able to let you take our vehicle.

• Age limits not under the age of 23 or over 75 years of age.
• Held a full UK or EU licence for a minimum of two years.
• Licence allowing them to drive a UK category B vehicle up to 3,500kg GMW.
• Has not had their licence suspended for any period within the last three years.
• Has not been involved in more than one fault incident within the last three years.
• Has no more than two convictions with a maximum of three points per conviction.
• Has not obtained a BA, DD or UT conviction
• Drivers are personally liable for all legal penalties (e.g. parking tickets, Toll and congestion charges, speeding fines) which are incurred during the hire period.
• In the event that a fixed penalty notice is received for parking, non-payment of toll charges, or a road traffic offence, the driver’s details will be provided to the relevant authority and we will issue you an administrative £10 charge.

14. Insurance: We include full comprehensive vehicle insurance for damage to our vehicle and the property of a third party. Only drivers named on the rental agreement are insured to drive.

• Overhead damage – any damage to our vehicle, its equipment and or any third-party property which occurs above 6 feet (1.83 metres) from the ground.
• Personal insurance for you or your passengers (including death or bodily injury to the driver) or cover for your personal possessions.
• Damage deemed as gross negligence – this negates the insurance and you will be responsible for the total costs. This includes mis-fuelling.
• Internal damage.
• Windscreen or tyre damage.

Our insurance includes breakdown cover, which covers mechanical faults to the base chassis of our vehicle. If there are call outs due to your error – e.g. flat battery, wrong or insufficient fuel, lost keys etc., you will have to pay for those.

15. Accidents/Damage: You will have to pay the excess of £1,500.00 / £2,000.00 for EU travel for any insurance claim should you be held responsible for the accident/damage. In cases of disputed responsibility, you will have to pay the stated excess until the claim is settled and if appropriate, some or all of the excess may then be refunded.

What to do if an accident or damage to the vehicle occurs:
• Tell us immediately. Any delay in reporting an accident may affect the insurance claim.
• Get the names & addresses of third parties; their insurers and any witnesses and report the event to the nearest police station.
• Complete an accident claim form (in the vehicle on-board guide).
• Please, don’t make any admission of liability to other parties, settlement offer etc.
• Assist us in handling any claim arising from any incident.
• No Security Deposit or insurance excess will be refunded until any claim is settled.

16. Indemnity: You agree to release us from any liability (regardless of who is at fault) for any loss or damage incurred by you, including:
• Any loss or damage caused by breakdown, mechanical defect, accident or our vehicle being unsuitable for your purpose.
• Any loss or damage to your personal property left in or on our vehicle.
• You are welcome to leave one vehicle at our premises for the duration of your holiday but you do so at your own risk and we are not responsible for either it or any contents.
• You agree to indemnify us against any claims, demands and expenses (including legal costs) incurred during your use and/or possession of our vehicle.

17. Demurrage: (Costs/losses due to unserviceability) If, during your hire period, the vehicle is rendered unserviceable (resulting in the cancellation of subsequent bookings) we reserve the right to charge you for the losses or costs incurred.

18. Force Majeure: (Unforeseeable Circumstances) We will make every effort to ensure that our vehicle is available for you at the correct time. If, due to circumstances beyond our control, this is not possible then our liability is limited to refunding your total hire charge only. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other oral undertakings, warranties or agreements between the parties relating to the subject matter of this agreement.

19. Data Protection: For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1984, North West Motorhome Hire or any subsidiary of North West Motorhome Hire may hold and process by computer or otherwise the information given to North West Motorhome Hire by the hirer or any Additional Driver to identify other products or services which might be relevant and for statistical analysis. Personal Information supplied will be disclosed to a third party for identity validation purposes subject to a Data Protection Act request